Terms and Conditions/House Rules of 't Beerzerachterhuus

  1. Booking and Payment
    1. There are NO booking fees.
    2. Booking request and confirmation:
      • Upon making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation of whether the booking is approved.
      • By reserving the property and making a 25% down payment, you agree to the rental terms of 't Beerzerachterhuus.
    3. Payments:
      • A 25% down payment of the rent must be deposited into the account of D.A. de Bok NL23INGB0798168471 within 5 days of receiving the booking confirmation.
      • The remaining rent amount must be paid no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period.
      • If the booking is made less than 6 weeks before the start date, the full rent amount is due at the time of booking.
      • Costs for final cleaning, bed linen, and tourist tax must be paid upon key handover.
      • Failure to make timely payments may result in cancellation of the booking.
  2. Cancellation
  • Cancellation by tenant:
    • Depending on the cancellation date, costs range from free to 100% of the rental price.
    • If the tenant cancels on the start date or during the rental period, the full rental price remains due.
  • Cancellation by 't Beerzerachterhuus:
    • If circumstances prevent the rental of the property, any rent paid will be refunded to the tenant.
  1. Tenant Obligations
  • The rented holiday home must be inhabited by the tenant, their co-tenants, or visitors with due care and attention, respecting the peace of the surroundings.
  • Quiet hours are observed from 22:00 to 07:00. Please respect the peace of others in the area. Avoid loud music and other noise.
  • To avoid misunderstandings, the tenant should report any damage upon arrival to the landlord promptly.
  • Please also report any damage caused by you upon departure to the landlord.
  • The intention is to offer you a clean, well-maintained home. If you notice any shortcomings or defects upon arrival, please contact the landlord promptly.
  • The property is non-smoking; smoking is not permitted inside. Smoking is allowed outside, but please do not leave cigarette butts on the terrace or in the backyard.
  • The property may not be used, during the entire rental period, for student parties, bachelor parties, drinking parties, or similar events.
  • The tenant does not burn wood in the barbecue or make fires in the garden.
  • The tenant does not move furniture such as beds, sofas, cabinets, etc. Even though one may be careful, these actions often lead to damage to walls and furniture. It is also not automatic for the owner to put them back in place.
  1. Consumption and Usage Costs
  • Rent includes consumption costs such as gas/water and electricity. We ask you to use energy sparingly, lower the heating at night and when you are not present. Also, close windows and doors while the heating is on.
  • The property has underfloor heating: this means it takes a bit longer for the property to warm up and cool down. Do not set the thermostat lower than 18 degrees and not higher than 21.5 degrees in case of absence and at night.
  1. Liability Insurance
  • The tenant is requested to be insured for third-party damage, such as liability insurance (family insurance).
  • The property has its own fire insurance in the name of the landlord.
  1. Tenant's Obligations
  • The landlord guarantees that the property corresponds to the description and is suitable for the maximum number of persons mentioned therein.
  • The landlord also guarantees the good condition of the property, proper maintenance, cleanliness, the operation of appliances, and its contents, children's playground equipment, and outdoor furniture.
  • The landlord cannot be held liable for:
    • Loss, theft, damage, or injury of any kind caused to the tenant during their stay at the holiday home.
    • Noise pollution or other inconveniences resulting from construction activities near your holiday home.
    • Damage resulting from natural disasters, acts of terrorism, nuclear disasters, strikes, violence, etc.
  1. Maximum Number of Persons
  • The house description of the holiday home specifies the maximum number of persons allowed to stay in the holiday home. This number may not be exceeded under any circumstances. If exceeded, the rental agreement is automatically considered dissolved, and access to the holiday home will be denied without any claim for a refund of the rent.
  • A child under 2 years sleeping in a cot may accompany as an extra person.
  • For extra persons (up to a total maximum of 6 persons), a bed linen charge of €12.00 per person per stay and tourist tax of €1.10 per person per night apply.
  • If, at a later time, additional persons stay in the holiday home without the knowledge of the landlord, the following consequences ensue:
    • One must immediately vacate the property, without claiming a refund of rent or usage costs.
    • Or immediately incur a claim of 25% of the rental amount and usage costs per additional person.
  1. Pet Stay
  • Pets are not allowed in the holiday home.
  1. Types of Groups
  • The holiday home is primarily intended for families/groups.
  • The holiday home is not rented to (youth) groups.
  • The holiday home is not intended for organizing bachelor parties, student parties, drinking parties, sex parties, etc.
  1. Arrival and Departure Time
  • The tenant respects the arrival and departure times. The intention is for you to arrive and stay in a clean holiday home. Therefore, there must be sufficient time for cleaning between the departure of the previous guests and the arrival of the new guests.
  • Arrival time: the holiday home is available to you from 16:00 - 18:00 on the day of arrival.
  • Departure time: no later than 10:00 on the day of departure.
  • Deviating from the arrival and departure times is possible only in consultation with the landlord. On changeover days, it is not possible to arrive earlier or leave later.
  1. Bed Linen
  • Renting bed linen and towels is mandatory at €12.00 per person per stay.
  1. End of Stay - Departure
  • End of stay:
    • The rented holiday home must always be left neat and tidy after your stay. This means:
      • tidying up the house,
      • putting everything back in its place,
      • emptying garbage bins,
      • clearing the kitchen counter,
      • leaving the dishwasher empty,
      • stripping the beds.
    • In short, leaving the house tidy and broom-clean.
    • Leave the garden tidy, with everything back in its original place.
    • If the house and/or garden are left in such a bad state that there is not enough time with the predetermined cleaning hours, the landlord has the right to charge extra cleaning hours. This will be deducted from the deposit.
    • For stays longer than 3 weeks, interim cleaning mornings are scheduled, with extra charges of €55.00 per morning. (1x every 14 days)
  1. Waste Sorting
  • Next to the shed by the horse arena are three containers for plastic/metal waste, organic waste, and other waste. Paper and glass can be placed on the freezer by the stables.
  1. Security Deposit
  • The holiday home contains valuable items, and the security deposit is intended to cover any accidents or damages.
  • Complaints regarding inventory and existing damage are accepted within 6 hours of your arrival. These must be reported immediately to the landlord.
  • The head tenant is liable for any damage caused by themselves, co-tenants, or visitors, even if discovered after their departure. If damage is discovered after the departure of the head tenant, they must accept the landlord's decision.
  • Inspection of the holiday home is carried out during cleaning, as this is when everything can be thoroughly checked. It is during cleaning that damage or breakage can be identified. If the holiday home is found in such a state that additional cleaning hours are necessary, be aware that this will be charged. Note: the property must be broom-clean and tidy, and garbage bins emptied. See End of Stay - Cleaning.
  • If everything is left in good order and no damage or breakage is found, your security deposit will be returned via bank transfer within a week after your stay. If damages exceed the security deposit, the tenant is required to make an additional payment.
  • It is advisable to report accidents to the landlord; these are usually resolved satisfactorily.
  • If something is broken, it is advisable to keep the broken pieces aside for the landlord. This allows them to determine which broken piece it is and helps avoid discussions and misunderstandings.
  • In case of an accident, it is advisable to communicate with the landlord so that things can be clarified, and a solution acceptable to both parties can be reached.
  • Fortunately, almost all guests are very honest.